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LifeSource Health Partners is a featured business in YourHub a Denver Post publication.

YourHub Business Q & A

YourHub Business Q & A

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Alicia Pina

Alicia Pina

Alicia PinaAlicia Pina, CNHP specializes in helping people take control of their health by recommending programs that best suit their individual needs. Her passion is “nutritional consulting” and her program is Isagenix. Alicia was a Jeffco art teacher until four years ago when she went on a “health mission” and was forced to take charge of her own health. “I realized I had only one body and if I wanted to have a quality life, it was up to me.” After recovering from all of her debilitating health issues, Alicia now has a true passion for sharing her journey of recovery and what she has learned along the way! Alicia specializes in health education, workshops, small groups, and large audiences.

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