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Denver Auto Accident Chiropractor

Car Injury Relief Center Lakewood, Whiplash Treatmentdenver-auto-chiropractor-deep-muscle-therapy

With Whiplash Treatment In Lakewood CO We Treat:

  • Dizziness
  • Stiff Neck
  • Irritability
  • Low Back Pain
  • Shoulder Pain
  • Neck Pain
  • Nauseau
  • Headaches
  • Numbness, Tingling Or Weakness In Arms or Hands
  • Muscle Spasms
  • Blurred Vision
  • Burning or Prickling Feeling In Neck and Shoulders
  • Jaw Pain, Popping or Difficulty Chewing
  • Confusion, Concentration or Memory Issues

Auto Accident Chiropractor

Auto Accident Treatment

Car Crash Whiplash Injury Denver Co

Denver car accident chiropractor

Auto accident injury chiropractor Denver

Car accident injury chiropractor Denver – auto accident chiropractor in Denver – car accident chiropractor Denver

Looking for Whiplash injury treatment in Lakewood CO?

One of the first things we do after a car accident is look ourselves over for visible signs of injury. Unfortunately, the reality of a accident can be much different than what is immediately apparent. auto accident chiropractor Denver, Denver auto accident chiropractor, Denver whiplash treatment

Your body can absorb injury in different ways—many of which can lie hidden under the surface for hours, days, or longer. We are experts at identifying, relieving and rehabilitating these injuries at Lifesource Hp in Lakewood CO.

car-accident-treatment-injury-relief-center-deep-muscl-therapyDr. Keuhn has specialized in car injuries for over 30 years and stays current with the latest medical research.

You can rest assured that as a specialist in motor vehicle accidents, Dr. Keuhn understands the complicated aspects of the medical and legal issues associated with accidents and injuries.

The force behind a event doesn’t just travel through your vehicle. It also travels through you, even in fender-benders and low-speed collisions.

Auto injury relief center Denver, Auto Injury Doctor Denver, Car Accident Chiropractor in Denver

That’s why it’s best to get a comprehensive check-up for joint and soft tissue damage, including whiplash, sprains, strains and “herniated discs” (bulging discs or slipped discs).

To minimize the potential long-term effects of your accident, get checked as soon as possible—within 48 hours of your accident is best.

The faster you can get into our office, the more Denver Car crash massage in Lakewood CO will be able to help mitigate the pain and in many cases the long-term effects of your injuries. Full recovery from this is possible.

You’ll find that LifeSource Health Partners is uniquely prepared to evaluate, manage, assist you in this difficult time process. 

orthotic-flat feet-medical-massageOur integrative team approach, extensive choice of equipment, specialized rehabilitation protocols make the difference in achieving a speedy.

Denver Car crash chiropractor in Denver, Whiplash and accident injury recovery Denver, whiplash treatment Denver

Get in touch with us after any type of motor vehicle accident occurs. We can help you smoothly transition through the health concerns created by accidents and injuries.

Do yourself a favor and call us after any type of automobile accident.

As experts in Denver car whiplash treatment in Lakewood CO, we will help you recover quickly.

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