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Do Car Accidents Really Cause Injury?

auto accidents

auto accidents

Automobile accidents are unavoidable in today’s society and while you can decrease your chances of being in an accident through defensive driving and other preventative measures, statistics show that every driver will be in some type of accident once every 7 years. So what should you do when an accident occurs? First, it is imperative that you follow some basic guidelines to insure you get all the necessary information and document the accident properly. This is often much harder than expected because the adrenaline response kicks in as part of our “flight or fight” response. Immediately after an accident, adrenaline usually skyrockets and impairs important brain functions such as reasoning and decision making.

After you attend to the details of the accident and any immediate medical concerns, your body may begin to experience a variety of symptoms that were not immediately apparent because of the initial adrenaline rush. There is a huge range of possible injury from none to death, but contusions, abrasions and particularly soft tissue injuries are by far the most common. Even if you were evaluated in the emergency room and told “nothing is wrong”, emergency evaluations focus on fractures, dislocations, internal organ injury and other life-threatening conditions, not the typical soft tissue injuries that often feel worse over the next few days or weeks. A progression of symptoms occur in part because of the swelling and inflammation that develop in the injured “soft tissues” over a period of hours, or even days, following the accident.

So what causes this swelling and inflammation associated with “soft tissue injury”? Soft tissue injury happens when muscle, ligaments, discs, tendons, joint capsules and other “soft tissues” are stretched beyond their normal position and limit. Without an prior awareness of the collision, the accident happens so quickly that your nervous system usually cannot respond fast enough to prevent your head, neck and body from moving beyond normal positions; this causes what doctors call “sprain” or “strain” injury, depending upon the type of tissue involved. The severity of injury is proportional to the “acceleration differential” that develops between your body and the vehicle when the accident occurs. That’s why higher speed accidents typically result in more severe injury but other factors such as road conditions, head position, seat belts, air bag inflation or even the amount of property damage can alter the ‘acceleration differential’ of the occupant. The most important component of preventing or minimizing injury is an ‘awareness’ of the collision before impact, but even seemingly minor accidents with little or no property damage can result in injury under the right circumstances. This is explained by the Laws of Conservation of Energy and Physics.

In summary, automobile accidents are essentially unavoidable in today’s society. Make sure the accident is documented properly and you exchange the appropriate information of all parties involved. Immediate symptoms may not be present so it is always appropriate to have at least a screening examination after any accident. Such as examination should be performed by a chiropractic doctor or someone similarly qualified to evaluate range of motion, joint function and potential impact on future spinal health because symptoms are not always immediately present. LifeSource Health Partners provides such a screening examination at no charge as a community service to increase awareness and understanding of what happens in a car accident and how it relates to future health and quality of life.

Chiropractic Care and Weight Loss:The New Approach To Weight Management

Weight Loss

Weight Loss

Everyone agrees that we have a problem in America with many of us being overweight. This growing weight problem is now being documented in almost ever developed country in the world. The experts say the causes of the problem are clear: we eat too many calories and we exercise too little. If the causes of the problem were so simple, we Americans and our fellow counterparts around the world would lick this problem in no time. What are the experts missing? This article answers that question and should open the doors for millions of people to begin to lose weight and maintain a lower, more ideal weight starting right away.


The experts are right when they say one of the causes of our overweight problem is that we take in too many calories. Recently, over the strong opposition of restaurants, the City of New York has required certain restaurants to post the caloric content of its meals. Many of our products have labels with calorie levels, but how many of us really make our eating decisions based on the calorie content of what we eat. What the experts do not understand is that if you reduce your caloric intake, eventually, your body will reduce its metabolism (a measure of the rate of how your body burns calories) and you will achieve no weight loss at the reduced calorie intake. Therefore, while reducing calories is an essential component of a weight loss and weight management program, alone, it will not do the trick.

So, now we come to exercise. The experts are in agreement that more exercise leads to more calories being “burned up” by your body which will lead to will weight loss. Again, the experts are only half right. These experts simply do not address the critical question: “Why don’t people in America exercise more?” You have heard, and probably experienced one answer, “lack of time.” There is some truth in that answer. The other answer is that for many Americans their bodies are simply not up to rigorous, or even moderate exercise. If you try to exercise and your body is not up to it, it will be painful, make you feel even more tired, may lead to injury, will not be fun or rewarding in the short run, and you will stop all of your efforts to increase your exercise regimen. So, the key to losing weight lies in getting the body ready for and “up to” beginning and maintaining a moderate or rigorous exercise regimen.


A chiropractic evaluation focuses on reviewing how your body is operating. If your spinal cord is out of alignment, or pelvis, or you have other joint areas or muscle areas that are not working properly, exercise will be painful, will be more tiring and challenging that it should be, will be stressful to the body, and will potentially lead to injury that will prevent any exercise and reduce the quality of your life. Chiropractic care is designed to help get the body in a proper functioning state so that exercise can be brought into your daily life in a safe, enjoyable manner. Let’s face it. If exercise is not enjoyable, at some level, we will not do it and we cannot lose weight and maintain the weight we want to have.

Certainly, we need to set a goal for our weight and realistic timeframe for reaching this weight. For most Americans, with proper diet, with an initial chiropractic evaluation, with weekly, or for some, twice weekly chiropractic care and management, we can reach or come close to our weight goal in 120 days. Then, with monthly or more regular chiropractic monitoring and treatment for eight months, we can maintain the lower weight we have achieved, or even lose more weight as we approach the ideal weight for each of us.

More importantly, we will feel better. Our bodies will function better. We will have less pain and less fear of exercise. We will have less stress as we can become more demanding of our body, with less fear of injury.


Every project must start with an evaluation of where you are, just as every trip starts with a recognition of your starting point and your goal. At the initial chiropractic evaluation, a good chiropractor can tell if you can start any exercise program and what that initial exercise program should be given your body’s ability to function. As chiropractic treatment begins to help the body function more properly, exercise suggested by your chiropractor can begin to increase. Before the end of the four month initial weight loss program, your body will be able to exercise more freely and more effectively, thereby burn more calories with less stress and pain, and contribute to even greater weight loss. Once this four month program is completed, the basis for good weight management will now be in place.


The experts tell us what to do, but not how to do it. They assume every body is ready to increase exercise and that assumption is wrong. While exercise programs say, “Before starting any exercise program, consult your doctor,” we believe the better strategy is “Before starting any exercise program, get an evaluation by a chiropractor and stay under the regular care of a chiropractor for at least 120 days while you ramp up your exercise program.

It is now time to take being overweight, even just five or ten pounds overweight, very seriously. If you have not been able to lose that weight over the past year or years, something might be very wrong with how your body, its joints and muscles are operating. If your joints and muscles cannot operate at a high level of functionality, exercise will not work for you. Chiropractic care is simply a great method of getting your joints and muscles to operate at a very high level of functionality. That is the key to weight loss and this article has presented a clear path for you to follow to achieve your weight loss goal and maintain it for the rest of your life.

Whiplash Treatment

Back Injury Denver, Chiropractic Neck Massage, Chiropractor Clinic

Recovering from a whiplash injury can be difficult. If you have ever experienced medical-massage-denver-whiplash-treatment-chiropractic-car-accident-chiropractor-in-coloradowhiplash rehab Denver, you know how painful and disabling it can be……. headaches, neck pain, painful movement, muscle spasms, numbness and the list goes on. If you are seeking whiplash treatment Denver, we offer a free 30 minute massage and screening examination to relieve pain and determine if additional treatment is indicated.

The term “whiplash” describes a sudden, unexpected movement of the head and neck. The extreme forward and back motion causes a whip-like movement of the neck. You know that “cracking” sound from a whip……whiplash does the same thing to your neck, spine, nerves and muscles. If there is no “awareness” before the incident, as often occurs in rear-end automobile collisions, the effects are magnified.

This whipping often causes stretching and even tearing of the various soft tissues in the neck, resulting in disc injuries, ligament tears, muscle strains and possibly even nerve injury. The medical terms for injuries of this nature are sprains or strains…… sprains involve injury to the joints and ligaments while strains affect the muscles. Injured tissues heal with scar tissue through a process called the “fibrosis of repair” which sounds painful all by itself!

Whiplash Back injury Denver

Whiplash Neck injury

Denver Whiplash Treatment Chiropractic Rehab

Whiplash injury takes only seconds to occur, but the effects can linger for weeks, months and even years! This is why prompt evaluation by a whiplash specialist is critical! Whiplash can occur during sports, from an unexpected fall, automobile accidents and even amusement park rides like roller coasters. While the symptoms may improve with time, it is critical to receive proper treatment to not only restore normal function, but also to prevent chronic and future problems. We specialize in whiplash in Lesions  and use a multidisciplinary approach including a medical doctor (physiatrist), chiropractor, massage therapist, acupuncturist and MedX spinal rehabilitation program.

Our goal is to help you resume your normal activities as quickly as possible by using natural and conservative treatment; the best in town, only considers injections and surgery when absolutely necessary.

Whiplash chiropractic Denver, whiplash chiropractor Denver, Denver whiplash injury

medical-massage-in-coloradoThere are approximately 3 million whiplash injuries in the United States every year according to Arthur C. Croft, D.C., Director of the Spine Research Institute. Approximately 1 in 15 American adults suffer with the debilitating pain and effects of whiplash injury.

Dr. Croft has studied whiplash injuries extensively and developed specific treatment protocols we follow to maximize recovery. The following research studies are just a few examples that have established the effectiveness of chiropractic and natural treatments in the treatment of whiplash injuries.

  • A study in the Journal of Orthopedic Medicine showed that 94% of patients with restricted range of motion and neurological symptoms had a favorable outcome with chiropractic treatment. This same study concluded, Chiropractic is the “only proven effective treatment” for chronic whiplash.
  • A 2008 edition of Current Reviews In Musculo skeletal Medicine found that up to 83% of patients involved in motor vehicle accidents suffer whiplash injury, often resulting in chronic disability. Recent studies discovered that early mobilization and active intervention lead to improved outcomes compared to rest and motion restriction in Denver.
  • The Journal of Manipulative Physiology and Therapy concluded “For chronic spinal pain, when compared to traditional medical approaches, chiropractic has generally been shown to be more effective.”
  • A 2015 publication in Spine reviewed 38 studies from the previous 14 years. They concluded, “Our review adds new evidence to the Neck Pain Task Force and suggests that mobilization, manipulation and clinical massage are effective interventions for the management of neck pain”.

In summary, every injury and patient is unique, but early assessment and treatment is always important.

Start feeling better today with customized Attention! Call (303) 934-3600 to schedule your free 30 minute massage and injury assessment.

Whiplash and accident injury recovery Denver, whiplash injury Denver

Osteoarthritis and Chiropractic Care

People of any age can develop arthritis but the symptoms almost always include pain, stiffness, achiness, loss of movement, and decreased function that get progressively worse over time. The statistics on arthritis are staggering in their impact on individuals as well as the cost to society. Data from a 2007-2009 National Health Interview Survey (NHIS) estimated 50 million (22%) of adults have self-reported doctor-diagnosed arthritis and 21 million (9% of all adults) have arthritis and arthritis-attributable activity limitation. The annual cost of arthritis and related conditions, such as osteoarthritis, cost nearly $128 billion per year in medical and indirect expenses, including lost wages and productivity while the annual cost per person with osteoarthritis is $5700. Arthritis can prevent a person from doing normal activities such as opening a jar, writing, playing sports, typing, exercising and even enjoying their family. So what is osteoarthritis and what are the causes, and treatment options? Even more important, how do we change the crippling effects of osteoarthritis on both individuals and society?

First, Osteoarthritis (OA), or degenerative joint disease, is one of the oldest and most common types of Arthritis. It is characterized by the breakdown of the joint’s cartilage. Cartilage is the part of the joint that cushions the ends of bones. When cartilage breaks down, it causes bones to rub against each other causing pain, stiffness, and loss of movement. OA most commonly affects middle-aged and older people, but can occur in younger adults or even teenagers at times. The severity of OA may range from very mild to extremely severe and it most commonly affects weight-bearing joints such as the spine, knees, hips and feet, although the hands are also a common target.

While age is a significant risk factor to OA, research has shown that OA is not an inevitable part of aging. Obesity is a predisposing factor to OA of the knees, hips and spine but injuries from sports, work, and accidents are the most common cause. In particular, car accidents predispose injured parties to developing OA of the neck, especially if they don’t receive comprehensive examination and treatment. Genetics can also play a role in the development of OA, particularly in the hands. Some people may be born with defective cartilage, slight defects in the way that joints fit together or other abnormalities that cause altered biomechanics. As a person ages, these problems lead to early cartilage breakdown which gets progressively worse over time.

The symptoms of OA vary based upon the severity of the condition as well as the age, activity level, and overall health of each individual. The most common symptoms are pain, stiffness and achiness around a joint especially after periods of inactivity or excessive use. In the spine, the most common symptom is stiffness and achiness upon awakening that improves and usually goes away with activity, but often recurs, sometimes everyday. The problem is that the frequency and severity of the symptoms, or lack thereof, do not correlate with the progressive degeneration and tissue damage. This results in delayed diagnosis and treatment that ultimately limits treatment options. Waking up with back or neck pain from “sleeping wrong” or “no reason” is highly suggestive of OA. Sensations of grinding, grating or even popping with normal movements known as crepitus also suggest poor cartilage health and possible OA. Loss of motion can occur gradually over a long period of time, like difficulty looking over your shoulder when driving. Ultimately, bony growths develop at the affected margins of the joints and may cause deformity, particularly in the hands and feet. In severe cases, calcification of the joint may get so severe that motion is almost totally lost.

In the past, treatment focused on rest, pain medications including non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (known as over-the-counter pain relievers) and ultimately joint replacement surgery, especially for the hips and knees in severe cases. Today, emphasis is placed on moderate exercise, proper nutrition, and prevention. We now know that smokers with OA have more severe joint pain and greater degradation of cartilage. Some studies support the value of chondroitin sulfate and glucosamine supplementation to support cartilage health. Proper hydration is also critical to maintaining healthy cartilage. Medical treatments typically include drugs to reduce pain and improve function although joint replacement surgery of the hips and knees is common if the pain and deterioration are severe. A commonly overlooked option is physical medicine treatments that maintain joint function, range of motion, flexibility and physical conditioning. In the spine, decompression traction is particularly effective for both relieving symptoms of pain and stiffness while simultaneously improving function and movement. Chiropractic manipulation is also beneficial because it helps restore joint and nerve function, promotes flexibility, and maintains the health of spinal joints and discs.

Chiropractic Care

For osteoarthritis, chiropractic medicine services that provide relief and reduce the progression of the condition include:

  • Traction (the gentle stretching or elongation of a joint by a machine) to open the joint space, enhance tissue health and improve function.
  • Joint mobilization (the movement of a joint in a prescribed manner) to increase joint function and restore pain-free movement.
  • Prescription of specific stretches and exercises to be performed at home.
  • Specific nutritional supplements to promote healthy cartilage.

Benefits of Chiropractic Treatment for Arthritis

Patients should experience a progressive reduction in pain as well as a steady increase in strength, mobility, range of motion, and the ability to perform many tasks that were difficult or impossible before treatment. Since certain types of arthritis can compromise other functions of the body relating to the heart, lungs, blood flow, nervous system and the immune function, chiropractic evaluation and treatment in conjunction with concurrent medical management can serve as an excellent way to reduce the possibility that arthritis will cause deformity of one’s joints or compromise these other important body functions.


Many people deny their pain and accept it as a condition of life. They simply put up with it and “hope” it will go away. Even worse, excessive amounts of over-the-counter pain relievers or prescription arthritis medications are taken. These products can damage the liver, kidney, stomach or other vital organs and may even result in death. Chiropractic medicine provides a drug-free treatment that can not only reduce the pain and suffering from arthritis but often even slows down the progression of the condition! This results in better mobility, improved function, and a substantial elevation in the quality of life for patients with arthritis.

Orthotics For Flat Feet

Almost everyone has experienced foot problems of one sort or another and many people wonder about orthotics for flat feet. So let’s talk about foot pain, flat feet, how your foot functions and custom orthotics.

First, your foot has to perform 2 completely opposing functions. It has to act as a stable foundation for standing and also is relatively rigid Orthodics 2.jpgwhen “pushing off” during normal gait. The opposite function is to absorb shock every time your foot hits the ground. Did you now that 2-5 times your body weight is transmitted from the ground into your foot and lower extremities with every step? With running, this is often 10 times your body weight with each stride.

Your foot accomplishes these opposing functions by operating within ranges of motion called supination and pronation. When standing, the foot should be in the subtalar neutral position. If you have flat feet or fallen arches, the arch of the foot usually “falls” resulting in pronation and an abnormal position while standing. This prevents the foot from functioning within the normal ranges of pronation and supination. Over long periods of time, this imbalance predisposes the foot to developing all sorts of problems and deformities including plantar fasciitis, bunions, claw toes, hammer toes, metatarsalgia and calluses. Calluses are always a sign of increased weight bearing and provide clues about foot function as do wear patterns on your shoes.

Orthotics are shoe insoles or “inserts” that should be custom designed to each individual foot for the purpose of restoring and maintaining normal foot function during the gait cycle. Orthotics for flat feet or any other condition should be customized by a professional to insure proper function is being restored. Let me be very clear that any type of orthotic or shoe insert is NOT customized if you buy them “off the shelf” at any retail business or even an apparent “specialty store”! Custom orthotics MUST be manufactured by a laboratory based upon the doctor’s specific recommendations, otherwise, they are NOT custom.

Did you realize that truly custom orthotics are frequently different for each foot? This is because your feet are not identical and have different distortions or imbalances. It is also imperative to match the proper orthotic to each patient factoring in their age, weight,orthodics.jpg activity level, health history and unique foot characteristics. If the orthotic is not supportive enough, the flat arch will still collapse in the standing position and little benefit is achieved. If the custom orthotic is to rigid, then it may be painful or does not allow for proper foot motion and function. Therefore, it is critical to have a professional examine your feet and tell the laboratory what specific modifications are necessary to achieve normal function for each person and foot.

In summary, almost everyone could benefit from additional foot support but only custom orthotics prescribed by a doctor or similar professional are designed to be corrective. Conditions such as fallen arches, plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, metatarsalgia and generalized foot pain often respond extremely well to properly prescribed and manufactured custom orthotics. A good pair of custom orthotics should last a minimum of 3-5 years for an adult unless there is a significant change in weight, activity level or health status. Take our foot quiz today to find out if you could benefit from orthotics for flat feet or some other condition.

By Richard Keuhn, Chiropractic Doctor

Best Whiplash Treatment in Lakewood CO

Whiplash Treatment

Whiplash Treatment

Have you ever experienced whiplash? Do you know how it occurs and why it is so painful? Do you know what constitutes the best whiplash treatment in Lakewood CO and how to keep whiplash from becoming a chronic problem? We will discuss all these questions and a few more in this article.


The term “whiplash” comes from a sudden and usually unexpected movement of the head. The forward and back motion often causes a whip-like movement of the neck and upper back. You’re familiar with the “crack” from a whip and how forceful that can be……whiplash does the same thing to your neck and spine. If there is no “awareness” of the impending event, the effects are magnified, as often occurs in rear-end automobile collisions.


This causes stretching and sometimes “tearing” of the delicate soft tissues in the neck, which result in disc injuries, ligament tears, muscle strains and all sorts of “soft tissue injury.” In medical jargon these are sprain and strain injuries……strains affect the muscle and contractile tissues while sprains involve the joints and ligament tissues. These tissues heal with scar tissue through a process called “the fibrosis of repair”…..doesn’t that sounds painful all by itself?


While the event may take only seconds to occur, the effects can linger for days, weeks months and even years! Whiplash can occur in sports, from an unexpected fall, automobile accidents and even amusement park rides like roller coasters. The greater the force and speed, the more likely tissues will be “over-stretched” and the greater the injury. While the symptoms may improve with time, it is critical to receive proper treatment to not only restore normal function, but also to prevent chronic and future problems. We believe our auto injury program is the best whiplash treatment in Lakewood CO because we utilize chiropractic, massage, acupuncture and MedX spinal rehabilitation all supervised by a board certified medical doctor specializing in physical medicine. Our goal is to return you to optimal function as quickly as possible by using natural and conservative treatments.

According to Arthur C. Croft, D.C., Director of the Spine Research Institute, there are approximately 3 million whiplash injuries in the United States every year. Nearly 1 of 15 American adults suffer with the debilitating pain and effects of whiplash injury. Dr. Croft has studied whiplash injuries extensively and developed specific treatment protocols to maximize the possibility of recovery. There are several research studies that have established the effectiveness of chiropractic in treating whiplash injuries.

  • A 1999 study in the Journal of Orthopedic Medicine showed that 94% of patients with restricted range of motion and neurological symptoms had a favorable outcome with chiropractic treatment.
  • This same study concluded, Chiropractic is the “only proven effective treatment” for chronic whiplash.
  • The Journal of Manipulative Physiology and Therapy concluded “For chronic spinal pain, when compared to traditional medical approaches, chiropractic has generally been shown to be more effective.”

Every injury and patient is unique and has to be evaluated and treated individually. That is one of the basic principles in our Patient Promise, available on our website. In addition, there are established medical protocols if you desire the “best whiplash treatment in Lakewood CO.” Call now to schedule your appointment or free injury assessment!



Low back pain

Low back pain

By Richard Keuhn, Chiropractic Doctor

Low back pain affects 8 out of 10 people at some point in their life. Sometimes it can be incapacitating and when it persists or recurs, it can limit our activities and enjoyment of life. While most back pain is considered “self-limiting,” that’s hard to believe when you can barely walk or every bump in the road causes excruciating pain! So what can Lakewood CO chiropractors do to relieve or “cure” low back pain and what about those unfortunate few that seem to be cursed with chronic back pain?

That depends on several factors. As a back pain specialist, I focus on finding the actual “cause” of the problem and restoring function as quickly and easily as possible.  A medical history and chiropractic examination provides critical information about the source of the pain. However, it is important to remember that low back pain is frequently caused by a combination of factors, especially as we age. Even though most low back pain is considered “self-limiting,” that primarily applies to the symptoms and not the actual “cause.” Regardless, professional guidance is critical in learning the best combination of home management, lifestyle changes and professional treatment for each person. Even if injections or surgery become necessary, these basic principles of conservative management will assist with minimizing the possibility of future recurrence and maintaining spinal health.

As a member of Lakewood CO chiropractors for more than 30 years, I have extensive training in spinal trauma, disc problems, sciatica, sports injuries and low back pain. After a thorough history and exam, we will discuss whether x-rays are indicated and why; regardless, it is important to remember that x-rays always provide valuable information about spinal health. Even with x-rays, it is important to remember the spine is a “functional” structure and x-rays are static. Consequently, treatments are often “fine-tuned” based upon patient response and input each visit. The older you are, the greater the likelihood of multiple contributing factors or pain generators. Conditions like arthritis, spinal stenosis, degenerative disc disease and scoliosis usually have a complex presentation that has to be “managed” more than “cured,” while conditions like disc bulge, disc herniation and sciatica have a higher risk of injections or surgery but often can be completely resolved with conservative care and home management.

There are many remedies or treatments that may relieve low back pain, but the fastest road to long-term relief is finding a professional that will not only complete the proper assessments and imaging studies, but also take the time to explain your specific findings and teach proper home care. One of the distinguishing factors at LifeSource Health Partners is the effort we invest in making sure each patient understands proper home care, lifestyle modifications and supportive behaviors to not only relieve low back pain but accelerate your recovery, prevent future recurrences and maintain spinal health.

In summary, we all need supportive maintenance to our spines, nervous system and body just like our cars and homes. Furthermore, just like our homes and cars, the frequency and extent of maintenance increases with age. Most important, our bodies are NOT replaceable and do NOT offer us the same choice of replacing tires, brakes, windows, shingles or old weathered gutters! If you wear out your body, where are you going to live?

Give us a call to get started on your road to better health and let Lakewood CO chiropractors relieve your back pain today!

Spring Into Health With Lakewood CO Chiropractic

“Improve Your Health At Lakewood CO Chiropractic!”

Why Lakewood CO chiropractic? Because now that spring has officially arrived, it’s time to enjoy the beautiful Colorado outdoors and sunshine. That naturally leads to increased activity, sports and all sorts of recreational interests. This change in activity level is best approached as a steady, progressive endeavor and not a sprint.

Everyone is more susceptible to injury with larger changes in activity or training intensity because of the increased mechanical stress placed on the joints, ligaments, muscles and tendons. As the decades of life creep by, this impact becomes more and more significant, especially in areas of previous injury. Consequently, it becomes increasingly important to “maintain” your body on all levels…..nutritional, physical, emotional and spiritual.

Lakewood CO chiropractic signifies this natural approach to healthy living without the use of unnecessary drugs or surgery. Every drug and surgical procedure has a distinct impact on your body; even when necessary, these interventions often require a “healing phase” because they change the normal structure and/or biochemical balance of the body.

Conversely, chiropractic focuses on natural treatments that relieve pain and stress without the use of unnecessary drugs or surgery.  This is accomplished by focusing on the restoration and maintenance of proper neurological, biomechanical and metabolic function. Chiropractic “maintenance” treatments are usually performed once every 1 to 3 months; when combined with proper lifestyle, many health conditions resolve or improve significantly.

Chiropractic truly exemplifies the idiom ……an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure! Call today to find out how Lakewood CO chiropractic can energize your life!

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