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Chiropractic Care and Weight Loss:The New Approach To Weight Management

Weight Loss

Weight Loss

Everyone agrees that we have a problem in America with many of us being overweight. This growing weight problem is now being documented in almost ever developed country in the world. The experts say the causes of the problem are clear: we eat too many calories and we exercise too little. If the causes of the problem were so simple, we Americans and our fellow counterparts around the world would lick this problem in no time. What are the experts missing? This article answers that question and should open the doors for millions of people to begin to lose weight and maintain a lower, more ideal weight starting right away.


The experts are right when they say one of the causes of our overweight problem is that we take in too many calories. Recently, over the strong opposition of restaurants, the City of New York has required certain restaurants to post the caloric content of its meals. Many of our products have labels with calorie levels, but how many of us really make our eating decisions based on the calorie content of what we eat. What the experts do not understand is that if you reduce your caloric intake, eventually, your body will reduce its metabolism (a measure of the rate of how your body burns calories) and you will achieve no weight loss at the reduced calorie intake. Therefore, while reducing calories is an essential component of a weight loss and weight management program, alone, it will not do the trick.

So, now we come to exercise. The experts are in agreement that more exercise leads to more calories being “burned up” by your body which will lead to will weight loss. Again, the experts are only half right. These experts simply do not address the critical question: “Why don’t people in America exercise more?” You have heard, and probably experienced one answer, “lack of time.” There is some truth in that answer. The other answer is that for many Americans their bodies are simply not up to rigorous, or even moderate exercise. If you try to exercise and your body is not up to it, it will be painful, make you feel even more tired, may lead to injury, will not be fun or rewarding in the short run, and you will stop all of your efforts to increase your exercise regimen. So, the key to losing weight lies in getting the body ready for and “up to” beginning and maintaining a moderate or rigorous exercise regimen.


A chiropractic evaluation focuses on reviewing how your body is operating. If your spinal cord is out of alignment, or pelvis, or you have other joint areas or muscle areas that are not working properly, exercise will be painful, will be more tiring and challenging that it should be, will be stressful to the body, and will potentially lead to injury that will prevent any exercise and reduce the quality of your life. Chiropractic care is designed to help get the body in a proper functioning state so that exercise can be brought into your daily life in a safe, enjoyable manner. Let’s face it. If exercise is not enjoyable, at some level, we will not do it and we cannot lose weight and maintain the weight we want to have.

Certainly, we need to set a goal for our weight and realistic timeframe for reaching this weight. For most Americans, with proper diet, with an initial chiropractic evaluation, with weekly, or for some, twice weekly chiropractic care and management, we can reach or come close to our weight goal in 120 days. Then, with monthly or more regular chiropractic monitoring and treatment for eight months, we can maintain the lower weight we have achieved, or even lose more weight as we approach the ideal weight for each of us.

More importantly, we will feel better. Our bodies will function better. We will have less pain and less fear of exercise. We will have less stress as we can become more demanding of our body, with less fear of injury.


Every project must start with an evaluation of where you are, just as every trip starts with a recognition of your starting point and your goal. At the initial chiropractic evaluation, a good chiropractor can tell if you can start any exercise program and what that initial exercise program should be given your body’s ability to function. As chiropractic treatment begins to help the body function more properly, exercise suggested by your chiropractor can begin to increase. Before the end of the four month initial weight loss program, your body will be able to exercise more freely and more effectively, thereby burn more calories with less stress and pain, and contribute to even greater weight loss. Once this four month program is completed, the basis for good weight management will now be in place.


The experts tell us what to do, but not how to do it. They assume every body is ready to increase exercise and that assumption is wrong. While exercise programs say, “Before starting any exercise program, consult your doctor,” we believe the better strategy is “Before starting any exercise program, get an evaluation by a chiropractor and stay under the regular care of a chiropractor for at least 120 days while you ramp up your exercise program.

It is now time to take being overweight, even just five or ten pounds overweight, very seriously. If you have not been able to lose that weight over the past year or years, something might be very wrong with how your body, its joints and muscles are operating. If your joints and muscles cannot operate at a high level of functionality, exercise will not work for you. Chiropractic care is simply a great method of getting your joints and muscles to operate at a very high level of functionality. That is the key to weight loss and this article has presented a clear path for you to follow to achieve your weight loss goal and maintain it for the rest of your life.

Can Nutritional Cleansing Improve Weight Loss & Energy?

Absolutely! In a recent medical study, the average weight loss was 7 pounds using a 9-day program and participants reported an increase in energy as well as sleeping better.

What is Nutritional Cleansing? Foods and Nutrients? Any foods and any nutrients? Would you agree that not all foods and nutrients are created equal? So, if they aren’t created equal, which are the best? …And why so? Perhaps learning more about both would help provide you the information you need to better fuel your body to do what it was designed to do.

Imagine feeding your body what it needs daily to cleanse itself from our toxic world’s impurities and chemically laden foods. What if simultaneously, you also could take a proactive approach to prevent ill health, prevent nutritional deficiencies and yet, support anti-aging strategies for a longer and better quality of life? Could you afford to lose some excess weight? … Have more energy?…Sleep better?

Did you know your body needs specific nutrients everyday to create its own materials just to function and repair itself? Most nutrients are found in specific foods and naturally exist in our world. However, most foods today lack minerals and quality nutrients for various reasons including over-farmed fields, polluted waters, depleted soils, toxic chemicals, pesticides, herbicides and now Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO’s) that all play a role in nutritionally deficient and toxic foods. What about all the microwave and fast foods people consume daily? Did you ever wonder if excess caffeine consumption is part of the problem too? You bet!

In a perfect world where food really is food and nutrient rich, this wouldn’t be such a difficult task to stay healthy and eat to prevent illness. Unfortunately, much has changed and we must really look at what is going into our mouths and what isn’t. Also, how is our body digesting what we eat? Is the body absorbing and assimilating the foods? Is your body eliminating wastes properly? Many diseases have been linked to these problems and much is due to our culture of over-eating low quality, highly processed foods that are nutritionally bankrupt and contributing to the growing obesity rates. Guess what, there are over 12,000 food additives alone. We don’t have to eat what everyone else is eating, because the “norm”, isn’t so healthy anymore.

Let’s consider foods, some grow naturally in our environments, some are commercially grown, some come from genetically modified organisms (GMO’s) and some are grown organically. From these 4 choices what would you think would be the best? Really down deep, we all really know the answers, especially when we keep hearing more and more about toxicity as well as how contaminated and overly-processed our foods have become.

In many cases we would have to eat 12 apples to get the nutrition we used to get from 1 apple in the 1950’s. The GOOD NEWS is there is a company that has been developing SUPER FOODS and “cutting edge” formulas which can help the body in so many ways by removing impurities, replenishing what we need and helping us learn more about eating to live instead of living to eat.

I invite you to come explore the next “Free Nutritional Cleansing and Replenishing Seminar” at LifeSource Health Partners to learn about what simple steps you can take, to be more proactive about your health. Learn why so many health professionals and doctors have endorsed “nutritional cleansing” as the first step to restoring health. The health benefits are amazing and the results speak for themselves. You too, can be a “Picture of Health.”
Alicia Piña, CNHP

Proper detoxification is critical for your health.

detox_genomicsMake sure you know what YOU need, right down to your DNA.

Stop wasting your money on fad detoxification diets. Detoxification goes on in our cells 24/7. Poor detoxification can contribute to fatigue, poor concentration, anxiety, depression, ADHD, autism, illness, obesity, chronic disease, and even cancer. Learn where you may be more susceptible to environmental chemicals, and create a plan that is right for your genes to minimize your exposure and maximize your body’s natural detoxification processes.

Are you concerned about whether your child is vulnerable to the small amounts of mercury and other potential toxins in vaccines? Knowing his or her detoxification capability can provide important information you and your healthcare practitioner need to help you make a more informed decision about potential risks.

Act now, and save 15% on your Basic Detox genomic testing and interpretation. Deadline is August 30th.

You get the same report we provide to practitioners, with clear interpretations and action steps for you and your healthcare practitioner.

The Secret to Permanent Weight Loss is Revealed!

Weight Loss

Weight Loss

The secret to permanent weight loss is right under your nose, and encoded in your DNA.

Have you tried to lose weight with no permanent success?  It can be really frustrating and discouraging when you’re swimming upstream and against the current of what your body is capable of doing.  The answers are revealed using a simple saliva test.  With the results of this test, I will personalize weight loss and weight management strategies by looking at your genes and how they process fats and carbohydrates.  This saliva test can also tell you which forms of exercise can be most beneficial for you.

Achieving or maintaining optimal weight and health is a complex interplay of our genes, emotions, biochemistry, metabolism, dietary intake, exercise, toxins and belief systems. The old model of eat-less-exercise-more, using will power as the main tool, has been shown to be OUTDATED and does not serve the many people for whom this issue is more complex.

The Weight Management Plus DNA Panel genomic test helps you take out the guesswork, and know how your genes are playing a role, and what measures might be more effective in helping you achieve your weight-loss and health goals.


You will find out about YOUR…

  • Susceptibility to increased body fat
  • BMI, risk for hypertension and excess cholesterol
  • Behavioral challenges with food addiction and cravings
  • Risk for poor vitamin utilization
  • Genetic influence on food choices
  • Risk for obesity
  • Risk for Type II diabetes
  • Ability to process micronutrients


I will also give recommendations for dietary, lifestyle and supplement strategies to help YOU achieve optimal weight and health goals.

Take the guesswork out of which nutrients are best for YOU to optimize health and wellness from this simple saliva test.

The Weight Management PLUS DNA Panel saliva test helps you take out the guesswork, and know how YOUR genes are playing a role, and what measures might be more effective in helping YOU achieve your weight-loss and health goals

Your genes are assessed in the following categories:

  • Diabetes
  • Cardiovascular
  • Weight loss/body weight
  • Exercise
  • Eating behaviors

Call us today to schedule your free ½ hour consultation to see if this test is right for you, and you will received a $75.00 discount if you call by July 15th.

Menu Planning For the Most Difficult Cases



Don’t let food allergies or special health conditions stop you from enjoying healthy and delicious meals! We can help you with wonderful menu planning, recipes and shopping lists for virtually everyone with special needs.  Save time and have fun preparing memorable meals.  Enjoy fabulous foods and flavors from around the globe created by professional chefs and nutritionists.

  • 25 Health Conditions
  • Virtually any food allergy
  • Satisfying recipes
  • Prep-time 30 minutes or less
  • Vegetarian, gluten-free and casein-free, etc.

Try out a one-week menu of 21 meals and recipes for free.  Send us your email address, name, telephone number and food restrictions and we’ll send it out to you right away!  If you have any questions, just give our certified holistic nutritionist, Leti Fanning a phone call at 303-888-0321.

By Leti Fanning, MS, NC

Have You Given Up on Counting Sheep?

Nutritional counseling

Nutritional counseling

By Leti Fanning, MS, NC

Do you find yourself having a difficult time falling asleep at night, or do you wake up every night about 2 or 3am?  Did you know that 43% of all adults suffer adverse affects from stress, which affects their sleep patterns?  Poor sleep patterns are a SYMPTOM of an underlying bigger issue, which can be resolved using nutrition counseling and functional diagnostic testing.  Functional testing identifies healing opportunities and sources of hidden stressors.

Don’t mask the problem by counting sheep, or worse yet by taking drugs.  Drugs don’t fix the underlying problem and if the issue is allowed to fester too long, it can affect your health.  Poor sleep causes moodiness.  Without the full deep cycle of sleep, your brain cannot rest and re-energize causing irritability and memory issues.  Maybe it’s time you took a different approach to better health.  Maybe you have hidden stressors that can be resolved easily?

may be the answer and your first 30-minute appointment is free!  Call 303-934-3600 to schedule!  Get back to getting the sleep you need and deserve!

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