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Dr. Richard Keuhn Lakewood Colorado

Dr Richard Keuhn dc

Dr. Keuhn

Dr Richard Keuhn, Medical Acupuncture, Lakewood Co Chiropractor, Chinese Chiropractic

As a leading Lakewood Colorado chiropractor, Dr. Richard Keuhn has been trained in such specialties as whiplash from spinal trauma, sports medicine, disc problems, auto accidents, physical therapy, radiology, neurology and orthopedics. He has been practicing chiropractic medicine and providing wellness services since 1983.

As a distinguished Lakewood Colorado chiropractor, Dr. Richard Keuhn has worked with patients of all ages and physical conditions including professional athletes, seniors and children. Dr. Keuhn has also completed special training on MedX equipment which is an integral part of his expertise in spinal strengthening and rehabilitation.

Dr. Keuhn takes pride in performing a thorough evaluation and careful diagnosis of every patient. He excels at documenting every aspect of your treatment which is consistent with the meticulous care and attention he provides to each patient. Consequently, his patients often tell him that they have never been to a better doctor or anyone that cares so much.

orthotic-flat feet-medical-massageWith more than 30 years of experience as a Lakewood Colorado chiropractor, Dr. Keuhn has an extensive medical and legal network. Careful, appropriate referrals can be a crucial component of helping patients achieve relief and recover from an injury or health problem. Dr. Keuhn takes pride in educating patients and explaining their specific problem in simple, understandable terms. He truly characterizes the essence of a doctor as a “teacher” by explaining the underlying cause of your problem, specific treatment recommendations, cost of care, how long it will take to achieve the desired outcome and any home treatment or exercises that will assist in your recovery.

In addition, he might recommend other types of treatment to assist in your recovery and has specifically chosen the members of LifeSource Health Partners because of their expertise, compassion, professionalism and desire to help people.

Dr. Keuhn is one of the few doctors who can help patients understand their problem well enough that they choose the best treatment for difficult problems like chronic pain, arthritis, whiplash, muscle problems, numbness, headaches, sports injuries and poor overall health. If you are looking for an exceptional Lakewood Colorado chiropractor, Dr. Richard Keuhn is a leader in the profession.

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