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Functional Medicine FAQ

Functional Medicine FAQ

What is Functional Medicine?

Functional medicine focuses on identifying the actual “cause “ of symptoms or disease through more detailed and comprehensive laboratory tests. It strives to restore metabolic function, cellular health and overall well-being through natural treatments and lifestyle modification so that unnecessary drugs can be eliminated.

Functional medicine is a scientific approach that focuses on how the complex systems of our bodies affect each other with the objective of restoring balance and achieving optimal heath by establishing a therapeutic partnership between patient and practitioner.

Modern medicine admits in its medical journals that it is notoriously poor at dealing with “chronic” illness. There is no replacement for digging out the real answers and thinking hard about what has gone wrong. Someone has to get to the cause of real problems and suffering that do not yet qualify as a disease diagnosis—We do that. “That’s Functional Medicine”.

What is Naturopathy?Functional Medicine FAQ

A naturopath is a teacher of natural means for enhancing health, wellness and longevity. Naturopathy is not a system of medicine, diagnosis or treatments such as are held by the medical societies, but a lifestyle of practices which builds immunity, improves mental health and enhances body function.

Our belief is that every person has the right to learn of the natural God-given, life-enhancing practices embodied in naturopathy which will help him/her maintain mental, physical and emotional health. Naturopathy embodies philosophies and principles involving pure water, clean air, wholesome food, proper diet and nutrition, exercise, proper living, appropriate rest, right thinking, absence from toxic substances, body ecology, effective management of stress and a number of other natural subjects which lead to a balanced living concept.


What is a Doctor of Naturopathic Ministry?

Naturopathic Ministry believes that physical health is primarily a reflection of God’s universal law of cause and effect. A man reaps what he sows. How we care for our bodies is both a physical and spiritual issue which impacts our health and the health of our offspring. In cases where health principles have been violated the only true “cure” is for the body to restore its own protective mechanisms by removing those physical and spiritual roadblocks which hinder proper restoration and/or healing.

Do I have to have lab tests done?

Occasionally a person will have recently been tested by another practitioner we can use those test results as a basis for your health restoration program. That being said, most traditional medical tests are not designed to show subtle underlying functional problems. The lab tests that we routinely order are specifically designed to help We tailor a program to your individual needs and eliminate all “guess work” in your case.

Can I order my own tests directly through the laboratories or through my medical doctor?

Our saliva, urine, stool and food allergy tests are ordered through very specific functional medicine labs that only deal directly with physicians. Our blood testing profiles are ordered through LabCorp and your medical physician may be able to order the same tests but they will require that you first set up an appointment with them and they may not want to order the same panel of tests that we need, thus delaying the start of your care significantly.

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