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The Top Ten Physical and Mental Health Benefits of Medical Massage Therapy Lakewood CO

Medical Massage Lakewood

Medical Massage Lakewood

By: Jenny Nickerson
Certified Massage Therapist
Certified Reflexologist

Medical Massage Therapy Lakewood CO has been used as a therapeutic modality for thousands of years, and across cultures around the world. Different types of massage techniques are designed to target specific areas, dysfunctions and promote natural healing processes. With all of these specific massage techniques there are some distinctive benefits that can be received from receiving massage on a regular basis. Physical benefits range from improved circulation and increased flexibility in tense muscles to decreased pain and lower stress levels. Mental benefits include a calm mind, increased awareness, better focus, improved concentration and superior alertness. Below are the top ten physical and mental health benefits of massage.

1. Promotes deeper breathing
Deep breathing is vital to ensure that oxygen circulates easily throughout your body which encourages healing and growth in the process. Decreased oxygen circulation results in headaches, tension, aches and random muscle pain that can develop into a significant problem over time. By enhancing your oxygen intake, you will naturally release of toxins and negative energy within your body.

2. Improves posture
Although massage should never be used as a replacement for chiropractic or medical treatment, posture can slowly and naturally improve as the spine and muscles around the spine become more flexible and supple. Improved posture also aids in deeper breathing and less tension throughout your body.

3. Improves circulation
An improvement in both blood and lymph circulation helps your body gain strength and maximizes your energy level. Massage facilitates removeal of toxins in the blood and lymph in addition to encouraging circulation of fresh energy. Efficient circulation also helps in muscle recovery, growth, and promotes the natural healing process.

4. Increases and promotes joint flexibility
Repetitive stress or overused joints can stunt growth and create problems later. Massage helps to relieve stored tension and encourages flexibility of the joints. Any soreness experienced after a massage can indicate problem areas requiring further treatment. Focusing on these areas during your next massage can increase joint recovery.

5. Enhances a calm mind
Encouraging a calm mind creates an avenue for creativity– it is during these times that our minds are most conducive to creative thinking, developing plans, organizing thoughts and releasing stressful thoughts. Massage can encourage this ‘calm’ state of mind by relaxing the entire body.

6. Reduces anxiety
As a natural deep relaxant, a quality massage can significantly reduce anxiety. Usually, anxiety is stored in some key area of the body, such as the lower back, shoulders, abdomen and neck. By relieving these areas of tension, the mind can ‘let go’ of anxiety and experience a light, almost freeing sensation.

7. Increases self-awareness
The mind-body-spirit connection is often overlooked in today’s fast-paced society. From the minute you wake up, to the moment you go to bed, it is easy to slip into ‘mind-only’ mode. When you re-establish the connection with your body, you will experience greater ease of movement, a more centered feeling and an enhanced feeling of well-being.

8. Promotes mental alertness
Although a massage can bring you into a state of deep relaxation, this is also a state of heightened mental alertness. Your mind is relaxed and calm, but acutely aware. In this enhanced state, your mind is capable of solving even the toughest problems!

9. Increases peace of mind
With your ability to feel relaxed and naturally aware, peace of mind is the typical result. Peace of mind can be defined as a sense of calm well-being and just feeling good naturally.

10. Satisfies need for human touch
As human beings, we all need to feel the touch of another human being. This can range from a simple hug, handshake, or a nurturing touch. A massage encourages this type of safe connection and increases your appreciation for this human need.

Listed above are just the top ten benefits of receiving massage on a regular basis. During different times, or stages of your life, you may need a specific treatment. Try various approaches and see what works best for you. Some alternative bodywork sessions include deep therapeutic tissue massage targeting a specific area to relieve chronic patterns of tension; manual lymphatic drainage massage to stimulate lymph and interstitial fluid circulation; Swedish masssage using long strokes, kneading, friction, percussive and vibration techniques on the more superficial layers of muscles; reflexology to apply appropriate pressure to specific points and zones on feet, hands and ears and Reiki, an energy-focused session. Call LifeSource Health Partners today at 303-934-3600 to schedule your next Medical Massage Therapy Lakewood CO appointment.

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