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Can Nutritional Cleansing Improve Weight Loss & Energy?

Absolutely! In a recent medical study, the average weight loss was 7 pounds using a 9-day program and participants reported an increase in energy as well as sleeping better.

What is Nutritional Cleansing? Foods and Nutrients? Any foods and any nutrients? Would you agree that not all foods and nutrients are created equal? So, if they aren’t created equal, which are the best? …And why so? Perhaps learning more about both would help provide you the information you need to better fuel your body to do what it was designed to do.

Imagine feeding your body what it needs daily to cleanse itself from our toxic world’s impurities and chemically laden foods. What if simultaneously, you also could take a proactive approach to prevent ill health, prevent nutritional deficiencies and yet, support anti-aging strategies for a longer and better quality of life? Could you afford to lose some excess weight? … Have more energy?…Sleep better?

Did you know your body needs specific nutrients everyday to create its own materials just to function and repair itself? Most nutrients are found in specific foods and naturally exist in our world. However, most foods today lack minerals and quality nutrients for various reasons including over-farmed fields, polluted waters, depleted soils, toxic chemicals, pesticides, herbicides and now Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO’s) that all play a role in nutritionally deficient and toxic foods. What about all the microwave and fast foods people consume daily? Did you ever wonder if excess caffeine consumption is part of the problem too? You bet!

In a perfect world where food really is food and nutrient rich, this wouldn’t be such a difficult task to stay healthy and eat to prevent illness. Unfortunately, much has changed and we must really look at what is going into our mouths and what isn’t. Also, how is our body digesting what we eat? Is the body absorbing and assimilating the foods? Is your body eliminating wastes properly? Many diseases have been linked to these problems and much is due to our culture of over-eating low quality, highly processed foods that are nutritionally bankrupt and contributing to the growing obesity rates. Guess what, there are over 12,000 food additives alone. We don’t have to eat what everyone else is eating, because the “norm”, isn’t so healthy anymore.

Let’s consider foods, some grow naturally in our environments, some are commercially grown, some come from genetically modified organisms (GMO’s) and some are grown organically. From these 4 choices what would you think would be the best? Really down deep, we all really know the answers, especially when we keep hearing more and more about toxicity as well as how contaminated and overly-processed our foods have become.

In many cases we would have to eat 12 apples to get the nutrition we used to get from 1 apple in the 1950’s. The GOOD NEWS is there is a company that has been developing SUPER FOODS and “cutting edge” formulas which can help the body in so many ways by removing impurities, replenishing what we need and helping us learn more about eating to live instead of living to eat.

I invite you to come explore the next “Free Nutritional Cleansing and Replenishing Seminar” at LifeSource Health Partners to learn about what simple steps you can take, to be more proactive about your health. Learn why so many health professionals and doctors have endorsed “nutritional cleansing” as the first step to restoring health. The health benefits are amazing and the results speak for themselves. You too, can be a “Picture of Health.”
Alicia Piña, CNHP

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