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Nutrition FAQ

FAQ - Nutrition (3)

Nutrition FAQ

What is nutritional counseling?

Lifestyle, stress, medical history and what we consume has an effect on all systems in our bodies: organ function, health and immunity, physical performance, energy levels, weight, emotional balance and mental clarity.

Nutritional counseling/coaching is a purposeful exploration of food, its effect on the body, and how we can best use nutrition to gain and maintain a healthy functioning system.

Nutritional counseling/coaching involves more than advice on what you should or should not eat or recommendations for supplements. Nutritional counseling offers an integrated approach utilizing a combination of techniques to manage your health and wellness—tailored to your specific issues.

Will I need to give up my favorite foods?

You do not need to necessarily give up your favorite foods, and you may find that you enjoy trying out new types of eating choices.  Food is your best medicine, and you are “what you can digest and assimilate”.  Nutritional counseling will identify which foods are best for your metabolism and body type.  You will also learn how to develop good flavors for cooking at home.

FAQ - NutritionI feel pretty good, so why would I need good nutrition?

The absence of symptoms does not mean you are healthy.  We use functional lab tests to give you a baseline of your health condition such as adrenal health function, which measures your ability to handle stress; hormone testing, which measures if your hormones are in proper balance for feeling your best; food sensitivity testing, which provides you with a list of food that could be causing low level inflammation in your body.

When you body is not functioning optimally, it can lead to disease and health conditions such as chronic fatigue • irritable bowel syndrome • ulcerative colitis • migraine headaches • insomnia • autoimmune diseases • allergies and asthma • adrenal fatigue • thyroid dysfunction • and unexplained symptoms.

I am diabetic, can better nutrition help me?

Absolutely, a diabetic can be helped with better nutrition.  Learning how to control blood sugar fluctuations is the key to improving body functions, and possibly reducing the dependency on drugs.  We use a holistic method of recommendations that includes dietary modifications, rest and relaxation techniques, exercise and movement, stress reduction and supplementation.  Reduce your dependency on drugs and learn a new skill in self-care!

Nutrition FaqsHow does this process work?

Your first appointment is an introductory session of 30 minutes, and it’s free!  You can decide if this method of learning and approach will work for you and your lifestyle.  Filling out questionnaires and providing medical history is the first step in your healing journey.  Deciding on what you want to work on to improve your health is the next step.  You will be guided with encouragement and respect to work within your comfort zone so this can be an enjoyable and rewarding experience.  Each person is unique and the process is individualized for each situation.

The length of time we work together will depend on where you are on the ‘wellness’ scale, and your motivation.  You will be given tools to work through a healing process and the speed at which you go will depend on YOU!

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