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Chiropractic Care and Weight Loss:The New Approach To Weight Management

Weight Loss

Weight Loss

Everyone agrees that we have a problem in America with many of us being overweight. This growing weight problem is now being documented in almost ever developed country in the world. The experts say the causes of the problem are clear: we eat too many calories and we exercise too little. If the causes of the problem were so simple, we Americans and our fellow counterparts around the world would lick this problem in no time. What are the experts missing? This article answers that question and should open the doors for millions of people to begin to lose weight and maintain a lower, more ideal weight starting right away.


The experts are right when they say one of the causes of our overweight problem is that we take in too many calories. Recently, over the strong opposition of restaurants, the City of New York has required certain restaurants to post the caloric content of its meals. Many of our products have labels with calorie levels, but how many of us really make our eating decisions based on the calorie content of what we eat. What the experts do not understand is that if you reduce your caloric intake, eventually, your body will reduce its metabolism (a measure of the rate of how your body burns calories) and you will achieve no weight loss at the reduced calorie intake. Therefore, while reducing calories is an essential component of a weight loss and weight management program, alone, it will not do the trick.

So, now we come to exercise. The experts are in agreement that more exercise leads to more calories being “burned up” by your body which will lead to will weight loss. Again, the experts are only half right. These experts simply do not address the critical question: “Why don’t people in America exercise more?” You have heard, and probably experienced one answer, “lack of time.” There is some truth in that answer. The other answer is that for many Americans their bodies are simply not up to rigorous, or even moderate exercise. If you try to exercise and your body is not up to it, it will be painful, make you feel even more tired, may lead to injury, will not be fun or rewarding in the short run, and you will stop all of your efforts to increase your exercise regimen. So, the key to losing weight lies in getting the body ready for and “up to” beginning and maintaining a moderate or rigorous exercise regimen.


A chiropractic evaluation focuses on reviewing how your body is operating. If your spinal cord is out of alignment, or pelvis, or you have other joint areas or muscle areas that are not working properly, exercise will be painful, will be more tiring and challenging that it should be, will be stressful to the body, and will potentially lead to injury that will prevent any exercise and reduce the quality of your life. Chiropractic care is designed to help get the body in a proper functioning state so that exercise can be brought into your daily life in a safe, enjoyable manner. Let’s face it. If exercise is not enjoyable, at some level, we will not do it and we cannot lose weight and maintain the weight we want to have.

Certainly, we need to set a goal for our weight and realistic timeframe for reaching this weight. For most Americans, with proper diet, with an initial chiropractic evaluation, with weekly, or for some, twice weekly chiropractic care and management, we can reach or come close to our weight goal in 120 days. Then, with monthly or more regular chiropractic monitoring and treatment for eight months, we can maintain the lower weight we have achieved, or even lose more weight as we approach the ideal weight for each of us.

More importantly, we will feel better. Our bodies will function better. We will have less pain and less fear of exercise. We will have less stress as we can become more demanding of our body, with less fear of injury.


Every project must start with an evaluation of where you are, just as every trip starts with a recognition of your starting point and your goal. At the initial chiropractic evaluation, a good chiropractor can tell if you can start any exercise program and what that initial exercise program should be given your body’s ability to function. As chiropractic treatment begins to help the body function more properly, exercise suggested by your chiropractor can begin to increase. Before the end of the four month initial weight loss program, your body will be able to exercise more freely and more effectively, thereby burn more calories with less stress and pain, and contribute to even greater weight loss. Once this four month program is completed, the basis for good weight management will now be in place.


The experts tell us what to do, but not how to do it. They assume every body is ready to increase exercise and that assumption is wrong. While exercise programs say, “Before starting any exercise program, consult your doctor,” we believe the better strategy is “Before starting any exercise program, get an evaluation by a chiropractor and stay under the regular care of a chiropractor for at least 120 days while you ramp up your exercise program.

It is now time to take being overweight, even just five or ten pounds overweight, very seriously. If you have not been able to lose that weight over the past year or years, something might be very wrong with how your body, its joints and muscles are operating. If your joints and muscles cannot operate at a high level of functionality, exercise will not work for you. Chiropractic care is simply a great method of getting your joints and muscles to operate at a very high level of functionality. That is the key to weight loss and this article has presented a clear path for you to follow to achieve your weight loss goal and maintain it for the rest of your life.

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