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The Secret to Permanent Weight Loss is Revealed!

Weight Loss

Weight Loss

The secret to permanent weight loss is right under your nose, and encoded in your DNA.

Have you tried to lose weight with no permanent success?  It can be really frustrating and discouraging when you’re swimming upstream and against the current of what your body is capable of doing.  The answers are revealed using a simple saliva test.  With the results of this test, I will personalize weight loss and weight management strategies by looking at your genes and how they process fats and carbohydrates.  This saliva test can also tell you which forms of exercise can be most beneficial for you.

Achieving or maintaining optimal weight and health is a complex interplay of our genes, emotions, biochemistry, metabolism, dietary intake, exercise, toxins and belief systems. The old model of eat-less-exercise-more, using will power as the main tool, has been shown to be OUTDATED and does not serve the many people for whom this issue is more complex.

The Weight Management Plus DNA Panel genomic test helps you take out the guesswork, and know how your genes are playing a role, and what measures might be more effective in helping you achieve your weight-loss and health goals.


You will find out about YOUR…

  • Susceptibility to increased body fat
  • BMI, risk for hypertension and excess cholesterol
  • Behavioral challenges with food addiction and cravings
  • Risk for poor vitamin utilization
  • Genetic influence on food choices
  • Risk for obesity
  • Risk for Type II diabetes
  • Ability to process micronutrients


I will also give recommendations for dietary, lifestyle and supplement strategies to help YOU achieve optimal weight and health goals.

Take the guesswork out of which nutrients are best for YOU to optimize health and wellness from this simple saliva test.

The Weight Management PLUS DNA Panel saliva test helps you take out the guesswork, and know how YOUR genes are playing a role, and what measures might be more effective in helping YOU achieve your weight-loss and health goals

Your genes are assessed in the following categories:

  • Diabetes
  • Cardiovascular
  • Weight loss/body weight
  • Exercise
  • Eating behaviors

Call us today to schedule your free ½ hour consultation to see if this test is right for you, and you will received a $75.00 discount if you call by July 15th.

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