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Paulette S. Coates, D.N.M, BP, CRM

Paulette S. Coates, D.N.M, BP, CRM

paulette s coatesPaulette S. Coates, Doctor of Naturopathy has been in practice since 2002 as a Bionetic (biofeedback) practitioner. In 2005 she earned her Doctor of Naturopathy from Trinity College in Indiana. She was inspired to become a doctor because of personal health challenges with Fibromyalgia in 1999 and her frustration with the medical industry’s pathetic results with pharmaceutical sleep aids and pain medications that didn’t work. After a year of diligent work from several alternative practitioners including chiropractic, acupuncture, deep tissue massage and naturopathy, she received a clean bill of health from a rheumatologist. The ease of recovering with natural treatments inspired her to pursue a mission of stopping unnecessary suffering especially in the area of thyroid problems.

Dr. Coates has restored the quality of life for thousands of patients suffering from all types of chronic conditions and diseases. She uses several methods to determine the underlying cause of nutritional imbalances revealed in blood chemistry, saliva, hormonal testing, stool and urine analysis as well as other specialized tests to evaluate body physiology. Through a functional medicine approach, Dr. Coates works with the finest homeopathic, pharmaceutical-grade supplements and herbs to restore balance and health based upon the latest scientific research.  We are very excited to have Dr. Paulette Coates join us at LifeSource Health Partners.

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