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Spine Specialists

Spine Specialists

“Looking For Relief of Disc and Spine Problems in Lakewood CO?”

Spine Specialists

For back pain, disc and spine problems in Lakewood CO, conventional western medicine appears to favor the two dismal extremes of “wait and see” or surgery.

Here’s the truth: You do have effective and affordable options for treatment of disc and spine problems in Lakewood CO. 

“Got Spine Problems In Lakewood CO? Get Immediate Relief!”

Your body is complex and requires more than a simple all-or-nothing approach.

Your back pain, headaches and neck pain will best respond to a blend of natural treatments designed to restore normal function.

At LifeSource Health Partners, Spine Specialists we provide answers to relieve your acute and chronic pain.

We start with easy, gentle treatments for acute pain and only then do we work up to more aggressive treatments to fix the underlying cause.

As improvement occurs, we gauge what your body needs to continue healing and improving. Simply put, we do what works for you, not what might work for someone else. And we respect your concerns and won’t hurry or rush you. We offer you our undivided attention. We want you to feel better and to be healthy.

Perhaps you suspect you know the source of your pain, or maybe it remains a mystery. Your pain may worsen with activity or rest. You may not seem able to pinpoint a pattern.

Or maybe your pain is more intense at certain times of the day or night. It may feel more sharp, dull, achy or just “sensitive” at times. It may or may not restrict your movement and daily activities.

Your primary care doctor may not be able to identify the actual cause of your back pain, headaches or neck pain even with tests or imaging studies. Even if they do, seldom will they explain the problem in understandable terms and often merely prescribe medication.

Our award-winning team of practitioners specializes in chronic and difficult conditions including disc and spine problems in Lakewood CO, sciatica, muscle spasms, headaches, neck pain, sports injuries, low back pain and more.

 “Toughing it out” may seem logical, but can make your pain even worse. You may have tried waiting for the pain to go away or using pain relievers for short-term relief. We know how frustrating and defeating that can feel to you.

Pain causes us to overcompensate with other areas of the body. Pain medications allow overuse of injured areas. Waiting can too easily worsen your problem and increase the time needed to heal. Don’t wait! The spine is prone to injury because it is subjected to torque and twisting, to sudden jolts, and all the stresses of daily life.

Problems like arthritis, bursitis, slipped discs and joint pain are often caused by some part of the body pushing against another part in a way that would not occur with a proper functioning body. 

Our treatments are designed to properly align the body and to allow each area to function normally without inhibiting the function of another region or system.

Headaches, neck pain and low back pain can take on a wide variety of characteristics:

  • Your pain might feel dull, achy, sharp, stabbing or even burning in quality.
  • Your pain may occur in one location only, or it might “refer” or radiate to other areas.
  • You may experience numbness, tingling, or weakness.
  • Your neck or back muscles may be strained from hunching over your computer or from wear-and-tear arthritis.
  • Your pain may be constant, intermittent or it may only occur with certain positions or activities.
  • You may only feel the pain in your neck or low back, but the pain could “refer” or radiate into your arm, hand, leg or foot.

Every condition has unique symptoms and treatment approaches. If you are seeking effective solutions to relieve disc and spine problems in Lakewood CO, call us for a free spinal consultation.

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