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YourHub Business Q & A

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Testimonial - Cheryl DThe numbness in my hands would not go away.  Dr. Keuhn evaluated me and recommended spinal decompression, also known as traction.  The treatment was painless, just 20 minutes a day.  Soon, not only did the hand numbness go away, but my neck symptoms also eased.  Previously, I had learned to live with restricted neck movement that had been present for years.  Now I have full use of my hands and a full range of neck movement without any pain, for the first time in years.

Cheryl D.

Testimonial - Herb RI have suffered with neck and lower back pain from arthritis for years.  One orthopedic surgeon even recommended surgery which would have laid me up for three months.  Through the care I get from Dr. Keuhn, I have been pain-free for three years which has enabled me to play golf, run and keep my weight down through exercise.

Herb R.

Testimonial - John DMy low back pain was severe at times.  I could barely move without pain.  In three short weeks of decompression and MedX rehabilitation provided by Dr. Keuhn, I was pain-free and able to move in ways that had not been possible for several years.  I have recommended LifeSource Health Partners to five of my friends, all of whom have gone to the clinic and have been helped tremendously.

John D.

testimonial - Laurie BX-rays show that my spine is curved.  I do not like to take any pills, so I went to LifeSource Health Partners for an evaluation and treatment.  In a month, the constant dull pain that I was experiencing was gone, along with the sharp pain that I would have when I moved in certain ways.  Now, I am able to hike Green Mountain with no pain.  The treatment I received from LifeSource Health Partners made all the difference in the world.

Laurie B.

TestimonialsIn August of 2008 I was 50 pounds overweight, had very low energy and felt stiff and sore most of the time.  I met Dr. Richard Keuhn at an Isagenix event held in his office. I had been trying to lose weight unsuccessfully for many years and had tried many diets but the weight always returned. I tried Isagenix because of my spouse’s success and the guarantee that I could get an entire refund if the product did not work. After losing 23 pounds of “Buddha Belly” fat in 30 days, I realized what Dr. Keuhn had told me was quite accurate. Ever since, I have had much more energy and my mind has been sharper than before. I have lost another 10 pounds with the confidence the rest will come off with my increased energy, activity and the healthy eating plan recommended Dr. Keuhn. In addition, I have started a monthly chiropractic “tune-up” that has relieved much of the stiffness and soreness I lived with for years.  It feels great to get adjusted every month and I recommend LifeSource Health Partners to anyone desiring better health because I believe that Dr. Keuhn can help you achieve your health goals.

Gerry O.

Testimonial - LouRI was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and treated it with medication and injections for several years. Besides being in constant pain with little relief from the medications, I had difficulty doing many of my normal daily activities.  I started receiving regular chiropractic, acupuncture and massage treatment because nothing else was helping. The combination has not only relieved my chronic constant pain, but also allowed me to resume walking and many other activities I could not do before.  Even better, I have been able to resume my passion of gardening!  Thank you LifeSource Health Partners for rejuvenating my health!

Lou R.

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