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YourHub Business Q & A

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What to Expect

What to Expect

What to ExpectWhen you first visit LifeSource Health Partners in Lakewood, near the Belmar Shopping Center, you will feel like you’re visiting an old friend. Our staff will greet you with a courteous, professional enthusiasm that puts you at complete ease. Our goal is to make your health evaluation and experience so comfortable, educational and inspiring that you actually enjoy and look forward to your appointments. We want you to be so enthused about your new LifeStyle that you can’t resist sharing the benefits of your healthy life with all your friends and family! We will do our best to collect all the necessary information as efficiently and quickly as possible but certain details are a necessary aspect of achieving the level of success we both demand. If there is anything we can do to make your visits more comfortable, please drop a comment in our suggestions box or speak with any staff member.

After completing your initial paperwork, you will meet privately with your specific Health Partner to complete a thorough health history and discuss your specific health goals. Your Health Partner will listen carefully and ask the necessary questions to focus on the true cause of your particular issue because symptoms are only a warning sign of an underlying problem. You may be asked about events from many years ago or even childhood because most health problems are the result of an accumulation of factors that have been missed, ignored or may seem unrelated. Next, your Specialist will perform a comprehensive evaluation and recommend whatever tests are necessary.

After carefully reviewing the results of the entire evaluation, your Health Partner will explain their assessment, treatment recommendations, the estimated cost, the expected length of treatment and the desired outcome. It is important that you understand every aspect of your evaluation and treatment because educated patients achieve the best results, save the most money and understand all the choices that impact their health. Our philosophy is to honor the true meaning of doctor (teacher in Latin) by educating, coaching and supporting our patients to make an intelligent, informed decision about their health! Your Health Partner may also recommend other types of treatment if they believe it would be beneficial. Our goal is to exceed your expectations by delivering the highest quality health and wellness services available. Whether you have a new injury, chronic pain, muscle spasm, back problems or simply want to improve your health or performance, LifeSource Health Partner can help you achieve your goals!

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